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A new relapse

Hey guys, sorry ive not been on in like 2 days. I have felt really sick. Im not sure if i mentioned it or not in previous posts, but EVERYTIME i eat white pasta or white rice, I get sooooo sick. It drains me of my energy the next day, i cant even function. Well i decided 2 days ago that i was gonna eat some knorrs pasta sides , (its my favorite thing in the whole wide world.) i litterally ate a cup full, thinking it wasnt gonna hurt me. Boy was i wrong. Ive been sick ever since. Does anybody else deal with certain foods making them sick with MS? if so let me know im not alone! On another note, Im pretty sure i am in the beginning of a relapse. I woke up today and my whole tongue was numb. I have never had this happen to me before. It must be a new symptom associated with MS. I tried to eat some breakfast and i couldnt even taste it. Also has anyone ever had this happen? I am not on any kind of treatment right now. Im so afraid to take all these Dangerous treatments they give out. Also my vision in my left eye is blurring again.In case you guys dont remember, thats how my MS started. im scared, so im gonna try and go see my nuero tommorow if they can get me in. I have also felt alot of depression lately. mood swings. snappin at people for no reason. etc. thats what makes me think its a relapse. But im sorry, im gonna have to cut this one short also, i am very tired still, and still dont feel to good. Thanks for reading!


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My mothers day

Hey yall! First off, happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there! I hope you all had the best day.. I am laying in bed.. Really tired, but im trying to stay committed to these everyday blogs. In case you guys are wondering, i dont have any kids, but i got to spend the day with my wonderful mom and nana. They are my whole world, and support me through anything, i appriciate them with all my heart. So we had a big mothers day cookout.. My sisters and baby brother was there along with my uncle and stepdad and my mom and nana of course. We all had fun i think just spending time with each other. My vision has been a little off today so i decided to wear my glasses( im suppose to wear when im driving ) We was at the cookout and one of my sisters wanted to play badmitten.. i decided to play.. i felt like i was doing good, the only thing i noticed is that my balance was really off. But i survived and made the best of it.. I just try to ignore things like that and go on with my day.. so p


Hey guys, So today was okay.. i spent the day with my sister. I always like spending time with all of them, they are my best friends! Today i had some more vision problems.. My eyes are having a hard time adjusting to things, so once again i had to use my glasses. I have also had trouble swallowing today. I havent done much of anything today except for laying around trying to relax. I have been out trying to look for a part time job. I applied for disability a couple months back, but got denied. I took it to a attorney, he is suppose to be working on my case. He gave me this long speech when i was at my appointment that made me think. He said you are 20 years old, do you really wanna just spend the rest of your years on disability? I didnt know what to answer then.. but it really motivates me to atleast try and see what im really capable of doing. I have applied everywhere but no call backs yet. I dont know if i mentioned this or not but i am planning on going back to school in august